Are we a private club?

–No we are open to the public ages 18+ as a cigar retail establishment.


Do we host private parties and/or events?

–Yes. We provide a terrific spacious area to host any type event. If it is a business meeting, a bachelor

party, or club meeting, we provide the availability upon reservation.


Do we serve alcohol?

–No. But we do provide Coke products and ice water.you are welcome to B.Y.O.B.


Are we a franchise?

–No we are privately owned and operated. We take pride in being a local business.


Why buy retail instead of online?


–Stick to specialists. You’ll find an excellent selection of individually priced cigars at

tobacconists and cigar shops. Look for a store with a walk-in humidor, which replicates the

temperature and humidity of the cigars’ native country. Bonus: Because these stores sell only

smokes, you’re more likely to find knowledgeable staff to make recommendations.


–Avoid buying online. There’s no way to know in advance if cigars have been stored properly, or

if you’re getting the real deal (counterfeit cigars — cheap, poor-quality tobacco dressed up with

a ring band similar to a legit brand — abound). And even the most reputable online retailers sell

cigars primarily in boxes — a costly proposition if you’re trying new brands.